A draft transportation alternative to Plan ’13 From Outer Space

So Virginia’s tax-hike cheerleaders want those of us who opposed this fiasco to present a transportation alternative. Ok. Here goes…

1) Privatize all subdivision roads with existing HOAs. Inform subdivision without existing HOAs that their roads will be privatized in one year and they have that long to create an HOA or maintenance covenant among the homeowners.

2) All secondary roads are downloaded to local governments, along with the requisite percentage of as tax revenue needed to maintain them.

3) Repeal the sales tax increases (including the internet tax) and local tax increases

4) With localities in control if their own roads, the Commonwealth Transportation Board can be abolished

5) If 1-4 results in a revenue shortfall, raise the gas tax as needed, matched with a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the state income tax

6) Localities may create regional compacts for transportation maintenance or construction, but not have the state impose them from above. Members of the NVTA and HRTF have two years to affirm their willingness to remain members or they will be removed (re-opt in, rather than opt-out).

7) The Medicaid expansion used to win the Dems over on the tax hike is repealed.

The result? A transportation network that is more flexible, more accountable and closer to the people, with a pro-growth economic policy to boot.

Is this perfect? Probably not, as I just came up with it while picking up breakfast. Can it be improved? Probably.

Is it better than Plan ’13 From Outer Space? Absolutely.

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