Nobel Committee jumps the shark *and* nukes the fridge by handing Peace Prize to the European Union

While you were sleeping, the Nobel Committee that handed out the Peace Prize committed the greatest error in the history of their organization, handing the prize to the European Union. I can only say I am fortunate I had yet to eat my breakfast upon hearing the news.

There is no sugar-coating this, no discussion of “potential” or “sending a message” (although I think a message was being sent anyway). This was a complete, unadulterated, 99 and 44/100% fiasco. There are no words to describe the utter failure of this move, but I’m going to try using them to get as close as I can.

The committee claims that the EU “has helped to transform a once-torn Europe from a continent of war to a continent of peace.” Only a moron would even think to consider using these words – and I say that with deep regret to the offense given the mentally handicapped, the overwhelming majority of whom would still never be stupid enough to spout this dreck. As the eurozone falls into to heap of rubble, the “continent of peace” is seeing Germans and Greeks snipe at each other, Spain plunged into a national crisis as Catalonia plans independence, Italy run by an unelected technocrat at the demands of Brussels, and even Belgium – yes, Belgium, the host of the damned bureaucratic giant squid – grappling with Flemish demands for autonomy and even independence.

The statement itself justifying the fiasco is the perfect combination of high comedy and deep, ironic tragedy. To wit (Telegraph, UK):

In the inter-war years, the Norwegian Nobel Committee made several awards to persons who were seeking reconciliation between Germany and France. Since 1945, that reconciliation has become a reality. The dreadful suffering in World War II demonstrated the need for a new Europe. Over a seventy-year period, Germany and France had fought three wars. Today war between Germany and France is unthinkable.

Never mind that France and Germany are only two countries in Europe (or, to be exact, France and West Germany were one and a half for much of the period since 1945. The EU kept Paris and Bonn from drawing arms, but did nothing to reverse the imprisonment of East Berlin and the rest of Eastern Europe; that was NATO’s job (and as any europhile will tell you, NATO and the EU are not the same thing). Then, after Eastern Europe was liberated, this paragon of peace coldly and cruelly chose to let the Balkans bleed out, leaving it to NATO again to resist Serbian aggression (and even they came too late and arguably in the wrong place), and  the United States in particular to work with the forces of freedom in Serbia again Slobodan Milosevic.

But wait, there’s more!

In the 1980s, Greece, Spain and Portugal joined the EU. The introduction of democracy was a condition for their membership.

Never mind that two of the three (Greece and Portugal) were democracies in the 1970s. Never mind that ending democracy and replacing it with technocrats elected by no one was a condition of continued membership for Greece and Italy. Never mind that surrendering economic sovereignty (and thus making “democracy” a useless shell of its actual self) was a condition of continued membership for Ireland and Portugal (with perhaps Spain on the way to Eurocratic occupation soon). No one in their right mind (and I would submit, hardly anyone in the wrong mind) would equate democracy with the EU today.

All in all, this is absolutely appalling, a desperate attempt to divert attention from the Eurocracy’s failures, downgrade America’s role in protecting Western Europe from the Soviet threat, and (admittedly this is speculation) perhaps even a heavy-handed attempt to influence Norwegian voters – Norway has an election next year, and the country remains firmly outside the EU by popular demand, something that must be thoroughly embarrassing to the “elites” on the Nobel Committee. If the European Union is what the ideal of “peace” has become; all I am saying is, “Give war a chance.”

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