The folks behind Politifact have some explaining to do.

At issue is former Senator George Allen’s following comment: “The new Congress must repeal and cutoff any additional money borrowed and set aside for Obama, Reid and Pelosi’s $1.2 trillion stimulus spending bill.”

This is how Politifact responded:

The $1.2 trillion price tag was a new to us (sic), so we checked it out.

Really, fellas?  It’s not news to me or anyone else who closely followed the Obamnibus debate.  In fact, it came right from the Congressional Budget Office (CNN Money):

The long-term cost of the $825 billion economic recovery package before Congress could rise to $1.2 trillion over 10 years, a top budget official said Tuesday.

That’s because the government will borrow to fund the plan and pay an estimated $347 billion in interest, Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Elmendorf told the House Budget Committee on Tuesday.

Way to “check it out,” guys.

Now, to be fair, the PF guys were led astray by an Allen staffer, who sent them somewhere else and didn’t emphasize the interest-on-debt issue.  Still, it’s not as if the $1.2T figure had vanished into the ether.  The House Republicans used it just last month.

Politifact?  More like Politifail.

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2 Responses to Politifail

  1. Ken Reynolds says:

    Cowboy George will do anything to get his name in the papers……….the stimulus bill provides for substantial injections of $ in Virginia’s road system as one good example of its value. And there is no way that it will be repealed when there is a Senate majority and Democratic President to pass it by….

  2. Mike B. says:

    What a specious argument. First, if George was using the estimated interest, I’m pretty sure he would have said so rather than referring to a totally different source. Secondly, estimated long-term interest is not the spending in the bill. That’s like saying a car is worth thousands more than its actual value because you might pay a certain amount of interest on it over the years. Ridiculous.

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