Observations on things other than the Marshall-Gilmore race

While we Virginia bloggers were going back and forth over the GOP race for the US Senate, the rest of the world moved on in very interesting ways.

2008 Presidential race: Despite events that were supposed to be bad news for him (anger from the base, the Barr nomination, Obama gaining momentum within the Democratic Party, etc.), John McCain has managed to rebuild a five-point lead (Rasmussen).

Judicial restraint finds a surprising champion: The editors of the Washington Post (of all people), examine the Supreme Court’s two decisions yesterday on worker-retaliation/discrimination cases and declares – gasp! – that judges shouldn’t be making new law, even if it’s for ostensibly good reasons.  Here’s the kicker:

Protecting employees from retaliation makes sense, but it is not the province of judges to create such protections on the basis of their own beliefs of what is right or wrong, or even on the basis of their intuitive sense of what Congress meant to do or should have done.

In this (and the rest of the editorial) the paper’s editors take the side of Justices Scalia and Thomas not once, but twice, and actually hit Samuel Alito and John Roberts from the right.  Read the whole thing – it’s a refereshing eye-opener.

The NBA Playoffs: The Lakers will win the Championship.  I know, I know, the Finals haven’t started, but I just saw them erased another double-digit deficit at home against the outgoing champs (the Spurs).  Kobe is about to place himself in the rarefied air of Jordania.  I’ve seen them both, and while it is still to hard for me to say Kobe is better than Michael, it’s getting easier every day.

2 Responses to Observations on things other than the Marshall-Gilmore race

  1. George Templeton says:

    Who knew the Post had it in them. Maybe a little common sense is coming to the editorial board.

    As for the playoffs. You are correct. I think we saw the rise of a new dynasty with the Lakers with sun setting on the Spurs period of dominance. That group of Spurs won’t win a title again. The Spurs have to retool and find the fountain of youth for Ginobili to win a title.

  2. […] PM: In looking for that Game 4 link, I noticed that I picked the Lakers to win this series.  Ouch. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Did Nique* come out of retirement? No? […]

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