Voter Fraud in Wisconsin: over 4,500 more votes than voters in 2004

Remember the presidential election in Wisconsin?  No, not last week’s primary, I mean the election of 2004, the one in which John Kerry defeated President Bush about about 11,000 votes out of 3 million cast in that state.  During and after Election Day, reports of voter fraud in Wisconsin were numerous.  For the most part, the nation as a whole ignored it, as Wisconsin’s electoral votes had not been important.

Well, the Milwaukee Police Department just released its report on the voter fraud allegations in the city, and dropped this bombshell: “The reports of more ballots cast than voters recorded were found to be true.

How may more, you ask?  More than 4,500.  Here’s the report again (emphasis added):

. . . the Election Commission reported that between 4600 and 5300 more ballots were cast than voters who can be accounted for . . .

That in and of itself is nearly half the margin of victory for Kerry in the state.

Who was the perpetrators in the fraud, you ask?  The report only mentions “a major political party,” but it does drop one big hint here on the problems with Deputy Registrars (election officials) in the state (emphasis added):

. . . 18 persons were sworn in as Deputy registrars in 2004 that were convicted felons and under Department of Correction Supervision.  Of the 15 felons that listed a sponsoring organization, eight named ACORN as their sponsoring agency.

ACORN just happens to be an offshoot of the violent radical left of the 1960’s, and its politics still lean heavily that way (National Review).

Here’s the report’s coup de grace (emphasis in original):

It is difficult for the investigators to believe that paid professional campaign staff members, who were tasked with assisting in the registration of new voters and the facilitation of these voters too, among other things, vote by Absentee ballot, the chosen method of voting for most of the individuals listed, would not have had a working knowledge of the voter eligibility requirements in the State of Wisconsin

. . .

The belief of the investigators is that each of these persons had to commit multiple criminal acts in an effort to reach their ultimate goal of voting.

The only thing that prevented indictments and arrests were city election records that were too badly hosed to be useful in court.

The more I read from the report, the more shocked and angry I am.  Had President Bush lost Ohio, Wisconsin’s electoral votes would have handed the election to Kerry.  After reading this, I have no idea how Wisconsin actually voted.

Wisconsin might be close again in 2008 (especially with Ralph Nader back in the running).  Could history repeat itself?

5 Responses to Voter Fraud in Wisconsin: over 4,500 more votes than voters in 2004

  1. George Templeton says:

    Interesting how often Democrats claim voter supression/voter fraud by Republicans. And how often it seems Democrats are involved in those very things.

    • Sewing Susie says:

      That’s right out of Alinsky….accuse your opposition of being what you are.
      Never forget who Alinsky dedicated his “rules for radicals” to….the father of lies.

  2. Mitra says:

    I wrote this literally a week or two before the report came out, and even after it did, the article still holds.

    The problems of elections in Wisconsin extend far beyond partisan trickery. The MPD is both irresponsible and intentionally disingenuous to throw a pull quote of “The reports of more ballots cast than voters recorded were found to be true” at the top of the 67-page report. If you read through the entire thing, you will find HUNDREDS of clerical errors committed by those in charge of electoral administration. This includes entire STACKS of absentee ballots being thrown out, hundreds of voter registrations being entered TWICE, and others not entered at all.

    Do you think this might somehow account in part for the gap in votes recorded and votes cast?

    GOP-backers also love to claim that the lack of voter ID requirements and/or the ineptitude of poll workers are a hindrance to prosecution, as if fraudulent voting was so widespread and certain that, in the absence of those obstacles, we’d have an electoral crime wave every general election. In 2005 the Republican Party of Wisconsin took a formal complaint of the 9 most likely double-voters straight to the DOJ, and came back empty-handed – all attributable to clerical errors. This is the Bush Administration’s DOJ, mind you. You can keep exaggerating the extent of voter fraud all you want, but it’s simply not happening on a scale that would justify the imposition of new electoral requirements that shrink the overall size of the electorate rather than target the most likely criminals. Despite the MJS having reported 361 felon votes (the report found the real figure later to be 220), those votes account for .002% of ALL WISCONSIN VOTERS IN THAT ELECTION.

    It goes on and on. The felon votes? Their address are supplied by the DOC – Wisconsin’s Voter Reg database won’t even pick them up. The registration cards didn’t even include the state-mandated language on them declaring felons ineligible to vote. One person in 2004 even voted WITH THEIR STATE OFFENDER CARD as corroborating identification.

    If the Republican Party of Wisconsin really cared about electoral integrity, they would overhaul the entire electoral administration system, not put the burden on the voters. But it sure makes the government look stupid when we contract out a software company to put together our HAVA-mandated voter reg database, blow $27 million on it, update it once every 4 years, and then mess up royally every general election because of our abysmal records-keeping.

    I also have some interesting reports documenting those “claims” of GOP-backed voter suppression you might be interested in, Templeton.

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