My criteria for endorsement in the First District race (and lest anyone forget, I am a constituent)

From what I can tell, I may be just about the only blogger who lives in Virginia’s 1st Congressional District and is neither running for the district seat myself nor backing (yet) any of the rapidly growing list of candidates (Daily Press and On the Spot).

I remain neutral at the present time mainly because I am still waiting to see who’s in and who’s out. Once the field is settled, I can begin the process of getting in touch with each of them, and determining who will take their place in the hallowed right-hand column with the other endorsees.

However, I can present the criteria I will use to determine whom I will endorse. The paramount issues that will guide my decision are, in descending order of importance (most to least) . . .

Anti-Communism: As I have mentioned earlier, while nearly everyone in the 1st is praising the late Jo Ann Davis, her greatest legacy is also the one discussed the least – her steadfast support for any blow to be struck against the Chinese Communist Party. The Communist Chinese regime (and for those who repeatedly ask me, I label it as such to differentiate it from the long-suffering Chinese people) has deliberately been arming and aiding every major enemy we face in the WahabbistBa’athistKhomeinist War: Iran, Syria, the Taliban, and al Qaeda. In these times, we desperately need a Congressman ready and willing to pick up the anti-Communist torch Jo Ann Davis carried for so long. That means support for the repeal of Permanent Normal Trade Relations with Communist China (something Davis supported throughout her career) and steadfast support for the island democracy of Taiwan. Recognition of the Communists’ aid to the WBK terrorists, and thus the WBK War’s place as part of Cold War II, would also be a huge plus. This is the issue I will consider first and foremost; a candidate can get this right and win my endorsement if while getting everything else wrong.

That said, in case there are more than one candidate who are acceptable, the other issues are . . .

The WBK War: No, they don’t have to borrow my name for the war, but they do have to support prosecuting it to the fullest, in Iraq and Afghanistan. They also need to support the liberation of Iran (either through military force or supporting dissidents a la Solidarity in 1980s Poland), and recognize the importance of the fragile yet vital anti-WBK democracy in Lebanon.

Taxes: As I have also written earlier, the 2001 tax cut was a dramatic boost to the American economy at a time when it was badly needed. The candidate who wins my support should support making it permanent, and thus sparing Americans from a crippling tax increase. I will also look at the prior records of candidates on taxes where applicable, so anyone who supported the transportation tax hike of 2007 (or even worse, the tax hikes of 2004) will have to play catch up.

School choice: Most of the public school monopoly system’s shortcomings are now impossible to ignore, while other – such as the monopsony power the system has used to hold down teacher salaries – are more subtle and require thought. Either way, it should be obvious that competition is desperately needed. It appears there will be more than a few candidates who agree with me on this one.

Pre-born life and “stem cell research“: There will also be quite a few pro-life candidates (otherwise I’d be rating this one higher out of concern), but I’m less certain about candidates agreeing with my position on embryonic stem cell research (IMHO, ESCR should be banned). Just for the record (because I know it will come up), I have no issue with adult SCR.

So, for those of you running or work with those who are, now you know what it will take to win my support. Strangely enough, I’m hearing my endorsement may actually mean something, but I guess we’ll figure that out during the campaign.

One Response to My criteria for endorsement in the First District race (and lest anyone forget, I am a constituent)

  1. Brendan says:

    Don’t forget about Sherwood Bowditch. He has strong support through the south and middle of the district.

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