Iraq: Bush Didn’t Lie After All

Those of us who still believe the liberation of Iraq was the right thing to do have been pelted endlessly with derisive comments about the lack of “weapons of mass destruction” found in Iraq after Saddam’s regime was bounced. My usual response – that the weapons may have been smuggled into Syria – usually falls on deaf ears. Perhaps Olivier Guitta will have better luck (Washington Examiner), as he reveals that “Syria has been quietly – but quickly – advancing its own secret nuclear program.”

How, you ask? Thusly: “the well-informed Kuwaiti daily newspaper Al Seyassah . . . quoted European intelligence sources as saying that ‘Syria has an advanced nuclear program’ in a secret site located in the province of Al Hassaka, close to the Turkish and Iraqi borders . . . This nuclear weapons program is based on material that Saddam Hussein’s two sons shipped to Syria before – and during – the U.S. war against Iraq. According to the Kuwaiti newspaper, this explains why international investigative teams found no proof of Hussein’s nuclear program” (emphasis added – h/t Cliff May).

One thing that always worried me was that, if I was right, the Assad regime could greatly accelerate its own “nonconventional” weapons program (the old name for WMD), now that Saddam would be in no position to ask for it all back. Now my worst fears are being realized. It’s time we recognize the joint threat from Syria’s Ba’athists and Iran’s Khomeinists, and act accordingly.

As for Iraq, it should be fairly clear now that President Bush was a lot closer to the mark on Iraq’s nuclear threat than conventional wisdom (to say nothing of MSM) is willing to acknowledge. Let’s hope this gives the President added resolve to stand firm.

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