We interrupt the It’s-really-Bush’s-fault series to bring you my reaction to the Knicks-Heat game

December 7, 2012


Just. Wow.

No Melo, No Amar’e, No Schumpert…

…no Miami Heat fans in the their own building at the end of the game.

I’ve been a Knick fan since I’ve been watching basketball (30+ years), but I remember the Ewing era most. So all the treys had me a little unnerved…even as they kept going in.

However, to hold the defending champs to just 92 points – twelve in the fourth quarter – is something special. To give an idea how suffocating that defense was…at the end of the third quarter, all LeBron James needed for a triple double was one assist. He never got it.

Now, December is not springtime, but if the Knicks can play that well without their two best players, they may play into the summer this year.

David Stern went too far

December 1, 2012

Let me be blunt: the NBA has no business demanding teams set their rosters as David Stern sees fit.

Every fan (and I say this because David Stern claims to have acted in the fans’ name when he fined the Spurs because Coach Greg Popovich rested his older star players instead of flying them to Miami to play the Heat) understand he was acting to preserve his stars for the playoffs. The league itself acknowledged this last year when the Spurs did the same thing in Utah.

Stern may have said it was about the fans, but the $250,000 fine actually turned Spurs fans into second class citizens. It was a terrible decision, and sends an awful, anti-competitive message.

Lakers hire . . . Mike D’Antoni?

November 12, 2012

That rumble you hear is the sound of every Knick fan (including yours truly) laughing his or her ass off.

This is unreal.

I can’t wait to hear what Steven A. has to say about this…

Wow. This is so bad that Stephen A. and Skip Bayless actually agree that it’s awful.

How about that

November 9, 2012

There is only one team in the NBA… and it’s the New York Knicks.

Quelle surprise!

Meanwhile, the Knicks are 2-0

November 4, 2012

As we all look to Insert-your-favorite-swing-state-here, the Knicks won their first two games with a barrage of threes – and sent the Miami Heat out of the city with an embarrassing 20-point blowout.

Whatever happens Tuesday, at least my favorite basketball team is doing well.

Yes, I’m all-Lin

February 16, 2012

Just over a week ago, being a Knick fan was its usual torture: the team was 8-15; Amare and Carmelo were vying to control an offense neither is equipped to run (that’s why teams have point guards); and it looked like yet another season was ready to be written off.

Now the team is at .500, having won seven in a row. The team ha a point guard, who just happens to be a media sensation. Lin-sanity has descended upon Knick fandom.

If anything, I liked his last game the best. He had only 10 points, but 13 assists (and his turnovers were down to 6 – still needs lowering, but an assist/TO ratio of better than 2:1 is more than adequate). With Carmelo coming back from injury tomorrow, this team could finally be something special.

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Opening Day in the NBA

December 26, 2011

Christmas was many things to many folks – as always – but for yours truly, one of those things was the first day of the NBA season.

What a day it was. The Knicks actually played defense for the 1st and 4th quarters, which was enough to beat the Celtics 106-104. Dallas saw the raising of their first championship banner; then the Heat thumped them by 11, and it wasn’t really that close! The Lakers choked a home game to Chicago, then saw the other LA team stomp Golden State (welcome to Hollywood, Chris Paul, enjoy your stay). Now the Lakers are looking up at the Clippers – a rare and painful view for Laker fans.

All on day one! Imagine what the rest of the season will bring.

Why I have never liked David Stern

December 9, 2011

For once, the week’s most egregious exercise of power for a petty political agenda did not occur in Washington. It was in New York, where NBA Commissioner David Stern vetoed a Hornets-Lakers-Rockets trade that would have sent Chris Paul to Los Angeles, Pau Gasol to Houston, and Lamar Odom to the Big Easy.

Stern insists that he did it because, as de facto owner of the Hornets (the league owns the team – but that’s for another rant), he decided the team was better off with Paul in the last year of his contract, rather than Odom, a couple more players, and a draft pick or two. Anyone who has followed the game thinks that’s laughable. In reality, small-minded, errrr small-market owners like Cleveland’s Dan Gilbert are whining that a star player made it to a big-city franchise. Gilbert was particularly incensed because the Lakers managed to cut payroll at the same time, meaning less luxury-tax money redistributed to him.

The mere fact that Stern thought he could get away with a ridiculous explanation like that shows how arrogant and self-absorbed he has become. He makes the European Commission look like a pillar of democracy.

I rarely, if ever, agree with Michael Wilbon (ESPN), but there’s no better takedown of this fiasco than his. In fact, the one decent thing that came out of this was this Wilbon quote:

Parity might have been a worthy goal for Pete Rozelle and the NFL, but it has never amounted to a hill of beans for the NBA. Neither has some socialist-style spreading of wealth.

If Michael Wilbon can appreciate the danger of “socialist-style spreading of wealth,” there’s hope for the country yet!

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As I was saying before I was interrupted . . .

November 30, 2011

Well, well, well, yours truly was waylayed by some personal matters that are, at present, partially resolved. Still it’s been over a month, and since I last posted, we’ve seen most of the state essentially hold to the status quo . . . and my home county (Spotsylvania) completely upset the apple cart, which was enough to flip the State Senate.

I’ll have more on that in the coming hours or days. For now, just to let everyone know, I’m still here (and I’m thrilled that the NBA strike ended).

Donnie Walsh is out

June 3, 2011

The now-former President/GM of the Knicks has left under a “mutual decision.”

Is Isaiah Thomas coming back?

Please God, I hope not.

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UPDATE: ESPN-1050 (NYC) is saying Walsh was asked to take a 40% pay cut. Sounds like a railroad job to me. I should have known this season was too good to be true.


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