Bad news for the bad guys in Afghanistan

October 5, 2011

Hamid Karzai has had enough of Pakistan meddling in his country; so he went to the first nation on anyone’s how-to-put-Pakistan-in-its-place list: India.

In the process, he made things a lot more difficult for the Taliban and al-Qaeda elements along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

Here are the details in the “strategic partnership” between Afghanistan and India (CNN): “a wide range of political, trade and person-to-person links” including “train(-ing) Afghan security forces.” In other words, when we’re gone in three years, the folks responsible for helping Afghan forces defeat the Taliban will be the one nation on the planet who hates the terrorist crew more than we do.

Speaking of the Taliban, their former-best-friend-in-Kabul had this to say about them (Washington Examiner): “Karzai had said over the weekend he was giving up on negotiating with the Taliban directly, and accused Pakistan of doing little to help rein in terrorists.” Lest we forget, Karzai was supposed to re-integrate the Taliban and welcome the return of Pakistan’s long shadow over his country, not ask its mortal enemy to train the Afghan army.

The signers of the deal tried to downplay the significance, but I’m all but certain the Taliban and al Qaeda noticed. After waiting out the Americans for over a decade, they’re seeing who will replace us as the Afghanistan’s sponsor – and India will never give up this fight.

I almost wish Osama and al-Awlaki were still alive to see it.


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I have decided whom to support for President

October 4, 2011

I just have to convince him to run.

Why the 1967 borders are not safe for Israel (Part 4)

October 3, 2011

The long-interrupted series on the history of Israel now – finally – picks up where it left off in the 1990s (here’s the Intro, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3): the decade that should have made clear why returning to the 1967 borders was not feasible for Israel. Sadly, it did not.

In 1991, fresh off defeating Saddam Hussein in Gulf War I, the United States decided it could bring Israel and the Palestinians together in peace. Two years later, Israel and America had replaced leaders (each newcomer greatly pleasing to the other’s elite) and an interim deal with Yassir Arafat was a reality. A final deal seemed on the way.

Then things got problematic.

Arafat put himself up for “election” as Palestinian leader in 1996 – and only an ex-DFLP terrorist backer was willing to provide token opposition – but by 1999 he decided to cancel all elections and enforce his rule via the guns of his Fatah organization. Palestine has seen four “elections” – ballots in which only members of the various terrorist groups active in the place (Fatah, Hamas, PFLP, and DFLP) were allowed to compete (and Islamic Jihad called for boycotts – thus even tainting that option). In short, rather than present to their voters records of good governance, Palestine’s “leaders” preferred intimidation and extreme nationalism to silence and intimidate opponents. This meant only those who also had guns and wallowed in extreme nationalism had any chance of competing for power – and thus the people were forced to “choose” between Terrorist Group A, Terrorist Group B, Terrorist Group C, etc.

While all of this was going on, America and Israel tried to make peace with Arafat and his successor, Mahmoud Abbas, with increasingly generous offers.  All have been refused since 2000, since neither Arafat nor Abbas had a true mandate for anything accept appeasing the militants who kept them in power.

Today, Abbas is trying to get recognition from the United Nations for a Palestinian state without bothering to make peace – so he can have his state and the guns that keep him in office, too. Meanwhile, Hamas controls the Gaza Strip, having won the corrupted “elections” of 2006. Neither has made any attempt to even acknowledge that Israel would remain in existence.

So, in effect, President Obama and his defenders, in calling for Israel to go back to roughly the 1967 borders, want her to watch a Palestinian tyranny under terrorist control spring up on both sides of her, while supposedly relying on a deeply conflicted ally with an unreliable history (that would be us) to prevent her from disappearing in a bloody massacre.

Should it really surprise any of us that she refuses to do that?

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